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At Heidi Merrick, we are committed to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. We believe that fashion can and should be sustainable, and we are proud to create high-quality, ethically-made garments that you can feel good about wearing.
As a small fashion brand, we understand the importance of reducing our environmental impact and supporting local communities. That's why we prioritize using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices, and we make every effort to source our materials from local and domestic suppliers whenever possible.
From our use of eco-friendly fabrics and natural fibers to our commitment to fair labor practices, we are dedicated to creating clothing that is not only sustainable but also ethical. We believe that by investing in sustainability, we can make a positive impact on the environment and support our local economy, while also providing our customers with clothing that they can be proud to wear.
Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more sustainable future, and we hope that you will continue to support us in our mission to create fashion that is both sustainable and ethical.
Wear More, Wash Less 
Handling & caring for your HEIDI MERRICK pieces gently helps them to last a long time, conserve natural resources, and keep the textile waste out of landfills. 
How Should I Care For My HEIDI MERRICK Piece? 
Hand washing or spot treating your garment with cold water is the best for the earth and for your piece(s) longevity. Especially with swim, which should be rinsed with cold water after every wear and set to lay in the shade to dry. Cold water helps to reduce color fading and uses less energy. 

Hang Dry whenever possible & try to avoid machine drying. This keeps the fabrics stronger and maintains the garments integrity, while also saving electricity. 
Dry Clean selectively, if a piece says dry clean only, it mean's the fabric or construction will not withstand washing. We suggest waiting to dry clean until it's truly needed. When you do dry clean, try to find someone environmentally conscious cleaner who avoids harmful chemicals like perchlorotheyn (perc) & ask them to skip the plastic when you can. 
Use a steamer and avoid the iron, to keep the natural flow and essence of the piece. For minor wrinkles, you can hang your piece in the bathroom while you shower, the steam will help to smooth most things. 
What Are Some Ways to Extend the Life of My HEIDI MERRICK Piece? 
Use a tailor to make sure your pieces are fitting just right. Every body is different and adjusting your piece by a little tuck here or a little let out there can help it to fit you perfectly. 
Repurpose pieces if they just aren't inspiring you anymore. Try to shorten a full length dress or dye something a fresh hue, the options are endless. 
Repair minor damages at home when you can. Fix broken straps or pulls in knits by pulling the loose thread carefully to the next stitch with a dull needle while gently stretching the garment. If you'd like help repairing your item, send a photo to info@heidimerrick.com and we will be happy to suggest an idea! 
What Should I Do When I'm Ready to Let Go of My HEIDI MERRICK garment? 
Re-sell at a local consignment shop or on an online platform, someone else might be inspired to bring this piece back to life! 
Organize a clothing swap with your friends and trade for that other HEIDI MERRICK piece you wanted but didn't buy because they have it. 
Donate or recycle selectively - garment donations and recycling are a challenge for the apparel industry. Donation centers are in inundated with used garments so much that only about 10 - 20% of the items make it into the hands of a new owner (Council for Textile Recycling 2018). Donation centers typically hand off 80-90% of donated items to textile recyclers, who down-cycle them bv turning them into insulation or rags. Alternatively, the donated items are diverted from the recycler to other countries who often don't need them, so the items are directly sent overseas to landfills. 
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