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Behind the Scenes : The Heidi Merrick Studio

Behind the Scenes : The Heidi Merrick Studio


The Heidi Merrick Collection is made entirely in our downtown Los Angeles studio. It  is made not only in the USA, but made locally, above our downtown Los Angeles flagship.


You can shop the Heidi Merrick collection knowing that it is being cut and sewn in the studio above.
The Heidi Merrick Collection is made carefully under the designers eye with a focus on sustainable and ethical practices.
The Heidi Merrick Home Collection is made entirely from the left over fabrics from the ready to wear collection.
Heidi Merrick has had a zero waste policy from the beginning, so you can find fabrics from the very first Heidi Merrick Collections.
The company operates as a modern American fashion house, with design, production, fulfillment and sales functioning under one roof.
Heidi Merrick is California's premier ready to wear label. It is American made, ready to wear in its truest form. 
The California lifestyle collection is steeped in silhouette and craftsmanship.

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