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California-Cool Designer Heidi Merrick Is Making A Convincing Case for 'Cultivating Boredom'

Hint: It doesn't involve Baking

By: Danielle Directo-Meston  April 24, 2020

While the quarantine edition of our Work It series is all about WFH productivity, we're also asking local creatives on how they're indulging in essential self-care time. Among those we look to for inspiration is Heidi Merrick, who is the true embodiment of her California-luxe womenswear brand — as seen in her vintage romantic-meets-minimalist modern dresses and her oh-so-relaxing Downtown flagship inspired by the coolness of the coast.

Since everything she creates manages to induce chicness and calm (see: her backyard bathtub setup and her home's effortlessly stylish interiors), we asked the SoCal-bred designer and mother of two to help kickstart our series focused on maintaining a sunny mindset while sheltering in place.

Read on below to find out what she's currently streaming, the pieces from her collection that she's living in right now, and more. (Pro tip: She's also offering 25% off everything on her online shop — just use code SHOP25.)

What self-care practices have you been indulging in that you're staying home more?

I'm taking Epsom salt baths and re-watching the Great British Baking Show

What are some of your favorite ways to stay creative?

I did think baking would be a good productive hobby, until my daughter said, "Hey mom, that smoothie you put flour into isn't going to bake. Just thought you should know since it's been in the oven an hour." That sort of put an end to that!

I've been drawing and sketching with my kids. I'm also not following a schedule or trying to overachieve. Boredom is so good and healthy for your mind and creatively. I'm practically cultivating boredom. 

What are a few of your label's pieces that you're currently living in right now?

I'm living in my SRF collection. I'm wearing my SRF CULT tee shirt and sweatshirt mostly — it makes me smile. Next week, I intend to wear my Vicent swimsuits all week. Otherwise, I'm going to come out of this with way more than the "COVID-19," it'll hit the COVID-25!

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