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Abigail Spencer Shows Off Her 'Timeless' L.A. Home — and the Sweet Tribute to Her Late Dad Inside

Abigail Spencer Shows Off Her 'Timeless' L.A. Home — and the Sweet Tribute to Her Late Dad Inside

Despite having a 10-year-old son (Roman), a three-year-old rescue pup (Lucky) and a career that takes up 100 percent of her brain space, Abigail Spencer’s Los Angeles home is startlingly pristine. 
“I think because I’m creative and chaotic in my job, I need to have a lot of order in my home,” the actress tells PEOPLE. “I feel like if my house is messy then I can’t be messy in my work, and that’s what my job is all about.” 
 She also recently completed a year-long makeover on the house with the help of L.A.-based firm Fragments Identity to give the place a “Santa Fe meets French Riviera meets Gulf Coast of Florida” vibe, according to Spencer. Between bright white couches, warm wooden floors, clutter-free kitchen countertops and perfectly-placed plush pillows, each room in the house sparkles like a freshly-groomed model home.


But it’s not just for the photos—Spencer swears it always looks that way. “We keep it clean, it’s just how we roll,” she says with a laugh.
Her job brings her across the world for roles in shows like Suits (yes, she’s good friends with Meghan Markle and attended the royal wedding), Mad Menand Timeless. Currently, she’s living in North Carolina filming the Hulu original series Reprisal.


Spencer bought her Studio City house three years ago, but she says it wasn’t until this year that it really began to feel like home.

She was introduced to designer Tammy Price, the owner of Fragments Identity, on her birthday last year, and was instantly impressed by the way she used neutral colors, interesting textures and clever design in every space she touched.




“She always starts with a really clean base and tailors it to the human and also the space,” Spencer says. “After stalking her on Instagram we finally met and I showed her photos of my house. I said I needed help redoing some rooms, and I wanted her as my co-pilot.”


“I wanted something that felt classic, but that still had that desert vibe and a little bit of a beach vibe,” Spencer says, noting her desire to mix the flair of L.A. with the relaxed feel of her Floridian childhood. “Tammy just pulled it all together. She kept a lot of the stuff that I already had too, and was able to just revamp it.” 

For example: “When she redid my TV room, she recovered the couch that was already measured for that room,” Spencer says. “Now it just looks like a brand new room, it’s incredible.”

While she says that the overhaul of the TV room was the most dramatic change during the makeover (“It used to be brown, dark and drab, but now I’m obsessed.”), Spencer’s new favorite space is her master bedroom. 

“My bedroom is so clean and sacred,” Spencer says, “and it’s really the only place in the house where there is no pop of color. I have this ideology that in a bedroom the dreams should be the most colorful part of the room—so if you sleep in a really neutral and really calm environment, then the dreams can get more colorful.” 



Spencer discovered the photograph, by Adam Secore, at an art show years later, and was immediately drawn to it. “I just got completely arrested by this photograph,” she says. “It was almost all white and there were little specks on the horizon. And I was like, ‘what is this, I know this.’ I got closer and it said County Line, and I realized it’s a photograph of exactly what my dad was looking at when he died. I was so overcome.”
The artist gifted her the photo immediately when he heard the connection, and it’s now her favorite piece in the house.

Though her bedroom may be subdued, a door in the room leads to the outside patio, where you’ll find the biggest pop of color in the entire home: a massive wall covered  in vibrant bougainvilleas. “From February or March all the way until October they bloom bright magenta,” Spencer says. “They bring me so much joy.”



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