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Take 25% off! My favorite looks - how to wear!

Posted by Heidi Merrick on
Take 25% off! My favorite looks - how to wear!

I try to provide today's women with elegant silhouette's in relaxed fabrics. Here's my favorite pieces of the season. Use code 25OFF2018 at checkout for 25% off your own gorgeous look!

White pants provide a nautical crisp feel all year. 

I keep having to check with my friends to make sure we aren't both wearing this outfit.

Note awesome husband making dinner. Score! Still my fave silhouettes.

Champagne colored sequins, the best twinkle. 

The Apollo skirts are my go to. I have them in every fabric I've made. This is a small run, and perfect for spring.

My best friend was wearing this all white look and I got super jealous and made sure to take home a cream Vulcan before it sold out.

Dear mom, I still don't clean my room. 

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